Personalized sundials

– always on time!

Do you like originality and a pinch of extravagance in your surroundings? Are you sometimes fed up with omnipresent weak plastic and trend towards disposable gadgets?

If so, and you additionally:

  • have a garden with a bit of free room or a presentable building wall,
  • own a company and would like to diversify decor of your facility,
  • like to distinguish yourself stylishly from the crowd,
  • want to make an offbeat gift

– we will produce an individualized sundial just for you!

Our attainments

Design your own sundial!

The greatest advantage of our sundials is their uniqueness. The sundial that you order will be made specially for you, even more, actually the only one in the world!
How is it possible? The high number of elements that you can configure and exact adjustment to the geographical position of your residence make your sundial differentiate from all others. You can be sure that your neighbour will never have a copy.

What will distinguish your sundial?

  1. Durability – your dial (almost without any signs of wear!) surely will last longer than you, and  most likely your grandchildren
  2. Ecology and modernity – in the plastic times, we live in, ecology is a first priority for us. That is why, we manufacture dials only from natural materials.
  3. No maintenance needed – you do not have to change batteries; once installed, your sundial will need no technical care